About Friday’s Matter

95% of Khutbahs Suck.

It’s true: 95% of khutbahs suck. Want proof? You’ve been a Muslim now for 10-ish years. How many khutbahs have you attended? That’s like 500 khutbahs – shut the front door! Technically, it’s the equivalent of a Master’s degree…but what do you have to show for it? Has a series of awesome khutbahs collectively altered the way you think/work/live/play? When was the last time your life changed due to a khutbah? What do you mean, you don’t remember! What was the topic of the last khutbah you attended? Hm…I’ll bet you don’t remember… How about this: What is the topic of the next khutbah you’re attending? Let me guess: You don’t know. Okay, I was wrong…it’s closer to 99%!

Introducing Fridays Matter

Fridays Matter is a faith-based non-profit website for anyone who still believes in Fridays. The site will have 52 khutbahs that anyone can use or read for their own benefit. Here is what to say, how to say it, and how to follow-up.

Each khutbah includes the following*:

  • Curricular approach with learning objectives
  • Train the speakers
  • Professionally edited
  • Graphically designed
  • Heavily researched/annotated
  • Written for you
  • Purpose built for Community change
* More important, every khutbah has at least one reference to the 1980s. In otherwords, these khutbahs don’t suck.
Islam is a gorgeous faith with a mountain-moving teaching and learning tradition. The khutbah is a required weekly class for all Muslims. The person giving the khutbahstands in the sacred footsteps of the Prophets. The Creator demands not just theaudience’s undivided attention, but also that people not even turn to ask others to be quiet. Class ends with a prayer, and then you greet the people on your right and left. It’s the perfect learning environment.
A bunch of these together is a catalyst for building a real community and changing thewhole wide world.
Yes, we can.